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Social Works

Mandala Traders supports FAIR TRADE and has always been committed to buying from suppliers that involve fair wages.

Our part profit goes into supporting orphanages and non profitable organisations. We are currently working with charitable organisations such as Bright Nepal, Paropkar and Care Kopila.

These organisations are dedicated to provide free education to disadvantaged and disabled children, without these  organisations children who are infected with HIV AIDS and have become orphans to this deadly disease would not receive the free treatment they urgently require.

They also provide free medical treatment to the poor.

These organisations save lives, build families, and become a child's hope. They strive to build a FUTURE where the underprivileged will feel loved and have sense of belongingness.  

Mandala Traders based in Sydney- Offering exquisite hand-embroidered textiles with cultural diversity. Our selected authentic Eastern Asian handicraft is marketed through a network of international distributors and wholesale giftware distributors, building a reputation for genuine, quality natural items backed by a reliable and trusted fairtrade organisation.

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We are simply the best Australian hand made decor for your home.