• Ethically Made

    Our dedication to ethical practices and artisan collaboration is deeply ingrained in our values & we make regular visits to our artisans

  • Hand-Made & Hand-Sourced

    Sarala (business owner) personally selects handicrafts crafted by skilled local artisans in Nepal & India during annual visits

  • Eco-Concious Materials & Packaging

    In line with our eco-conscious ethos, we prioritize sustainable materials for our handicrafts and utilize recycled packaging

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What We Believe

At the heart of our business is a profound appreciation for the traditional craftsmanship of Nepal and India. We are dedicated to ethical practices, ensuring that our partnerships with local artisans not only celebrate their skills but also contribute positively to their communities

  • Sarala (Business Owner) With Felt Artisans In Nepal

  • Sarala (Business Owner) Visiting A Manufacturer In India

  • A Crochet Artisan in Nepal

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The Story of Culture and Community

Founded in 1992 by Sarala and Surendra, a Nepalese couple who immigrated to Australia, Mandala Traders represents more than just a business. It's a heartfelt venture born out of their profound appreciation for Nepal's artisanal heritage. With a vision to introduce the exquisite handicrafts of their homeland to Australia, they also aspire to create opportunities and growth for the artisans back home. By sharing their rich cultural heritage, they weave a tapestry of connection and support that spans continents.

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